2015-2016 Program Announced

Here is a list of campouts and other activities for Troop 69.

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Summer Camp at Camp Winnebago 2015

Aargh! Troop Swims. Tag on Megar Mountain. Outpost to Kit Carson. Polar Bear Swim for One Day. Waiter for the day. Hottest Day of the Summer – 96° on Wednesday. Cayuga Campsite. Pirates Who Don’t Do Anything. Getting Stuck on the Zip Line. Spider bites. Go Fish during the Rain. Getting Stuck on the Far Side of Zip Line and Walking Back. Goonies. Giancarlo’s Pioneering Swing Set. The Legend of the Winnebago Tribe. These are just a few of the memories I wanted to jot down. Our campers can fill-in the details and I’m sure, can add more stories as well.

DSC_4716That’s what Summer Camp is for, not just for earning merit badges and the scouts collectively earned 34 this past week, but this week was about having fun and challenging ourselves. We were challenged in different ways. Some had essays to complete, shooting proficiency to make, or volunteers to rescue. There were projects to make from leather, wood or cardboard, fish to catch, making a shelter from what nature provides and sometimes we were challenged by our own tent mates. This is what Summer Camp is about, having fun, growing from learning, teaching, and working and depending on another for 1 week in the woods in Winnebago.

Enough talk, here are links to photos for you to enjoy. If you have additional photos you wish to share, please let me know. Here they are as a Photo Story as well as Photo Album.

Lastly, I wanted to thank the other leaders Ron, Tony, and Don for volunteering their time and helping out and of course to John Tate, who along with Tony took the scouts on their Outpost experience Tuesday night.

Hershey Park Happy

After 3 weeks of dry, the Northeast got rain and of course the heavens opened up while we were on our camp out and in Hershey park. As the motto goes, we were prepared. As most were diving for the exit, we texted between our groups and meet at the only indoor ride in the park. The storm passed as we shot-up the Reeses Xtreme Challenge. By the time left, the rain was light. By the time we finished having dinner together most rides were reopened. A number of the scouts “graduated” by facing their fears and took on the Sooper Dooper Looper. The more advanced adrenalin junkies notched off just about every ride worth riding in the 12 hours we had in the park.


More trip photos available on the troop Scrapbook.