Bear Incident at Split Rock Reservoir


We have all seen the news reports of yesterday’s bear attack.

Yesterday, Chris Petronino was hiking with his son and 2 other boys and came upon a cave at Split Rock reservoir.  This is reportedly a cave that Chris has been in before.

While Chris was investigating a cave, he encountered a bear. The boys were outside of the cave and lost sight of Chris.

The boys did not enter the cave and did not witness the attack.

Chris did call out to the boys to call 911 and the boys were able to guide the rescue and police to their location. The boys maintained their wits about them through the entire ordeal I am very proud of them.

While they are all scouts, this was not a troop outing.

Please pray for a quick and speedy recovery for Chris and for Lydia and their children’s peace of mind.

Our council has issued a media statement