Troop T-Shirts for 2015

tshirt-orangeYou may have heard about the T-Shirt voting process, if not you may always ask your scout about it.

This is the winning design. The scouts also elected to have the shirt to be “emergency orange” with black lettering. The youth shirt is on the right. The leader shirt is “Texas orange” with white lettering, below.

T-Shirts are part of the annual troop dues, so there is no charge for scouts that paid in 2014. For the newer scouts, that bridged this past March, T-Shirts are $25.

tshirt-ldrPlease “vote” with your scouts size, so that we may order shirts in time for summer camp.

Ordering is now closed.


Giving Your Scout Access to ScoutBook

The short of it: No one can give a scout access to ScoutBook, except a parent who has already been registered in ScoutBook and linked to their son. The scout must also have an email address of their own.

How to do this: There are a few steps to follow, but it starts with the parent having an account in ScoutBook. All parents of Troop 69 have received an invite to join our ScoutBook site, if you can not find your invite, send Daniel an email to resend one.

Log into ScoutBook and select the “My Dashboard”. Under the “My Family” section, you should see a record for your son. Click on the record with your sons’ name, this will bring up his full record. Scrolling down you’ll see his ranks, merit badges and awards followed by additional menu items starting with “Profile”. Click on “Profile” and scroll to the very bottom.

At the bottom, there is a button labeled, “Invite {your sons’ name} to Connect”. Click on this and you’ll be asked for your sons’ email address. Fill this in and send. You can follow-up with him that he received the invite.

That’s it. This will allow him to sign-up for events, comment in discussions and mark off his own requirements (they still need to be approved by a leader).

Check this presentation to see the 4-step process and screens.

New Home for Troop 69

It feels more like fall than the end of July. Still, the school year is only a little more than a month away and it’s time to think about scouting in the fall as well.

We are making some changes online, first is this website for the troop, This is a WordPress site. It will allow for an open site (no login) for posting information such as this, provide links to other sites and information such as how we want to run the troop and other FAQs.

More information can be found in the sidebar, including a link to ScoutBook, Upcoming events, and a few recent photos. To get to the sidebar, click on the “stack” icon next to the “Troop 69” title.

We are also adding a service, called ScoutBook, to track individual Scout achievements and event planning. This site, which costs us $1/scout/year, is very nicely done, user friendly and easy events, on mobile devices. It provides different calendars for the troop. RSVP from those invited and achievement planning for meetings. You’ll have invitations soon to join and to link to Troop 69.